**Amo infinitamente mucho incontable a mi polola hermoza <3**Tengo 20 estudiante de Ing. en Informática.
Amante de la buena música...
Soy una persona tranquila y me gusta hacer vida social, me encanta la fotografía.
Me llamo Andrés y soy de Chile. 


Unfinished drawings from last year exactly after season 1 ended, actually. I figured I should wrap these up before season 2 starts. Major changes to the main cast and all ^^”

The reason everyone has a gun instead of the very canon Dominator is because…….. I started out with Kogami, discovered firsthand what a pain in the ass Dominators were to draw, and quickly hatched a plan B. Also because I supposed Makishima stood no chance against good old-fashioned handguns and they were probably the better option after all considering the events that took place.

(Fuente: run-runesque, vía zeino)

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